Structure of a program work with technical specialties

Structure of a program work with technical specialties

Coursework comes with an explanatory note and a visual (illustrative) material.

Framework of this explanatory note for the program work:

  1. name web page;
  2. abstract;
  3. content;
  4. selection of notations and abbreviations (if required);
  5. Introduction;
  6. The main component (parts, chapters);
  7. Summary (conclusions in the work done);
  8. selection of resources of literature;

Towards the program work, the next component are attached:

  1. article on program work;
  2. electronic variation
  3. paper variation bound
  4. certification of verification associated with level of plagiarism.

The visual component contains design, illustrative materials in the program work, such as for instance drawings, diagrams, slides, etc.

Abstract being a right component needless to say work

An requirement that is obligatory program work is the rational connection between its parts together with constant growth apa citation generator of the key concept of this issue through the entire work. Leggi tutto “Structure of a program work with technical specialties”