Experiencing sexism in Latin America

Experiencing sexism in Latin America

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We have one especially big wrinkle between my eyebrows I put right down to scowling while staying in Mexico during my 20s, attempting to ward from the hisses and catcalls on the street.

There was clearly 1 day, however, once I dropped the scowl and opted for another strategy.

A scorching summer time afternoon, we had popped into a corner store to get some water.

When I waited to get a cross the street, two males in a van began to shout out loud remarks about my human body.

We attempted to ignore it, then again one thing inside me personally snapped.

We eliminated the lid of my water container and squeezed the whole contents that are ice-cold their faces.

The responses undoubtedly stopped, and I also felt a lot better. Leggi tutto “Experiencing sexism in Latin America”